Photo courtesy of Michelle Cusick, https://www.mychelledesign.com/

From listening to 80’s pop music on repeat to singing in children’s choruses, Jimmy Levi (he/him/his) has been musicking for longer than he can remember. His compositions draw from theater, performance art, arts & crafts, installation art, and from contemporary classical performance practices in order to find novel ways for performers and audiences to explore time, space, and narrative.

His love of music led Jimmy to St. Olaf College, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in music composition in 2021. He is currently pursuing a Master’s degree at DePaul University, where he studies with Dr. Osnat Netzer and Dr. Christopher Wendell Jones. Jimmy’s music has been performed by ensembles such as the Mivos Quartet, the Walden School Players and the International Contemporary Ensemble. Recent premieres include The Alibi, a collaboration with Saxophonist Allison Adams for the Nief Norf 1:1 collective, and An Underground System of Pipes and Wires, premiered by Ensemble Dal Niente.

Pedagogy is central to his musical practice; in addition to private composition teaching and teaching theory+aural skills at DePaul, Jimmy is active in the research community focused on teaching music composition. His teaching aims to help students organize their time, thoughts, and language about their creative process and artistic output.

Jimmy’s non-musical interests include cooking, bartending, and video games. In summer of 2021, he rode 57 roller coasters across the United States.

His name is pronounced (ˈʤɪmi ˈlivi).

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