Yes, even piano.

All art is political. For some readers, this is elementary. But I’ve encountered several friends and acquaintances over the years who simply reject this premise and any kind of aesthetic consequences it might have. For example: last year I TAed for an intro to composition class at my undergrad, and one day the subject of…

Virtual Space kinda sucks

Classical music isn’t always very good at space. Conservatories and ensembles have a canon of repertoire that was written with drastically different acoustical needs: There is antiphonal choral music designed for the reverberations of specific cathedrals; chamber music designed for parlors and parties; orchestral works which demand large halls that have just enough reverb so…

Nief Norf! Nief Norf! Alibi!

I’m excited to announce that I am having a piece premiered soon! Come to Nief Norf’s virtual concert this April 9 at 7pm Eastern time to see the public premiere of my work for solo Saxophone, The Alibi! What will YOU be doing on April 9th so that you get away with it? Here’s the…

Hello World

Welcome to my website! I’m still working on getting everything set up, but once I do I’ll start posting here with musings about music, writing music, and teaching music. And potentially whatever else interests me.

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